Not saving fast enough to secure your future?

You may not know it but getting on the road to financial success may already be within your reach even if the amount you can save each week is not enough on its own. The Key is to Get Your Money, Working Harder.

At Omnia we show our clients 5 distinct ways to do this:

  1. Pay off your mortgage more quickly and pay less in bank interest and save thousands
  2. Pay Less Tax – identify legitimate ways to reduce your tax bill
  3. Stop the leakage – stop money slipping through your fingers
  4. Pay less in fees – few people understand just how much they are paying in fees on their investments – especially super. Understanding how this works can save you many thousands.
  5. Leverage the cash flow you have.

Make sure you have a Plan.

If you don’t plan where you’re going you probably won’t get there. The problem often is you don’t know what you don’t know. This can lead you into deadly traps and setbacks so you need a plan that not only produces results but also weaves its way through the minefield of traps and pitfalls and guides you to your destination without making wrong decisions along the way.  How can you be sure your plan is on the right track?  One great way to check this is to reference your plan against the mountain of data and resources provided by the Australian government. But how do you find the right resources and apply them to your situation?  Like any journey into the unknown, the secret is a trusted guide.

At Omnia, we guide you to the key resources our government has made available to help you make properly informed decisions about your investment future. Everyone’s in the same boat.   There is a simple truth which applies in the Australian culture: if you have basic family commitments (mortgage, children, holidays, educational costs, lifestyle costs) it’s often virtually impossible to fund your retirement simply by saving a little out of your earnings every week/month and accumulating cash.

At Omnia, we show you how to get the most out of your cash flow.

Using our Unique Cash Flow Accelerators.

These unique strategies often leave our clients thrilled and amazed that the keys to their financial future have been sitting in their hands all along.  This doesn’t apply to everyone but for those where these unique ideas are workable, the results can be life-changing. Just check out our client testimonials and you’ll see how our strategies have impacted the lives of hundreds of Australians from Darwin to Hobart.

Do these ideas apply to you?  You’ll never know if you don’t take the vital step of taking a look at our unique strategies.  

We’re old school. We believe it’s critical to get face to face with our clients in order to work out what works for them. That’s why we fly our highly trained consultants all over Australia to get them in front of our clients right from the start.  Want to know if these ideas will work for you? Just click on the button below and we’ll let you know when we’re next in your area.

Why not?  It’s free.  NO up-front cost. NO obligation.

Just an honest and open conversation to see if you are on track to achieve your financial goals – and, if not, how you might ‘jump the gap’ using our unique strategies coupled with the resources you already have right there in your hands today.  Who knows? Like so many of our clients, your life might be about to change forever.

100 years in the making.

Omnia’s unique Cash Flow Accelerators and strategic planning have been formed as a product of more than 100 years of experience that was brought together in our senior team.  We brought together our team of experts with decades of experience in property, financial markets, finance and strategic planning and they spent nearly a year creating our distinctive analytical assessment tools.  Our first appointment textbook alone cost more than $150,000 to produce. Our consultants are trained to customise this book to your situation and then provide this to you free of charge at your first meeting.

You’ll soon know if these ideas will work for you.

If yes, your details are passed to our senior team who then create a customised written plan that shows the detail on how you can use your current resources to in two distinct ways:

1. Pay less bank fees, pay less tax, avoid costly fees on your investments and (if appropriate to your situation)

2. Leverage your cash flow to’ jump the gap’ and get you on track to achieve your independent financial future.

Sometimes our strategies involve input from other suitably licensed providers but we work closely with these individuals to get you where you need to go with properly licensed advisers covering each of the key areas in a fully compliant way e.g. tax advice from your licensed tax adviser.



“I felt the genuineness sincerely from them and the honesty – I guess you need to meet them yourself and once you do you will understand.”
Omnia Group Consultation



“The prospect that I might be able to make more money towards my retirement or whatever I want to do by investing it in property is incredibly exciting. It’s got me thinking about thoughts and dreams that I possibly wouldn’t have done otherwise.”


Omnia Group Presentation
“The team at Omnia made it sound so easy and so simple which in fact it was! I went ahead with it and was very pleased that I did.”
Rebecca S
Omnia Group Events



“They’re looking after me and I don’t have to do all of the digging around, thinking that someone’s going to rip me off – it’s a feeling of security”

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