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It’s time to improve your health

Your health is so important — so here’s a list to ensure you get the most out of life. Just a few simple changes and you’ll notice a big impact!

  1. Add frozen veggies to everything!
  2. Do your grocery shopping on a Friday.  You can avoid the traffic this way and it may encourage you to eat more healthier over the weekend!
  3. Eat like clockwork. A small meal every 3 hours up to 6 times per day would suffice.
  4. Cut out all soft drink from your diet!
  5. Become a full-time tea drinker.  Green and White tea can contribute toward a healthy metabolism.
  6. Pack in the protein.  Eating more protein can help you stay fuller for longer!
  7. Eat all the veggies on your plate before anything else
  8. Steam all your foods instead of frying them – it locks in the nutrients!
  9. Try zucchini instead of spaghetti for your next carbonara
  10. Do not ‘ban’ food groups! Instead, eat smaller portions of them!
  11. Avoid processed food.  As. Much. As. Possible.
  12. Drink plenty of water – water flushes out the toxins and acids
  13. Snack on fruits and nuts.  Keep them at home and in your drawer at work!
  14. Take a multi! Ensure it has folic acid, it is much more absorbable in tablet form.
  15. Have a fruity ice cream sundae daily! Added calcium and a serving of fruits!

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