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Not enough money, too much debt, stress from the kids, marriage and the list can go on. There are many reasons why you could feel financial stress, and this stress has a domino affect on other aspects of your life! You’ll notice your concentration span changes, your outlook on life may not be as positive as it usually is and everything is starting to take a toll. The key is to reduce your worry. Reduce your worry then you’ll free up time, time you can then spend on more important factors of your life.

So here are 5 simple strategies to help you manage your stress.

1. Create a budget

The word budget may seem intimidating — you may think that it will only add to your financial stress, but trust us: it will help you get control of your finances! You can then create a spending plan and it can also help you find extra money to put towards debt.

The first few months working with your budget will be most difficult, yet once you understand the process and full benefits you will be thankful for the creation.

2. Get an Emergency Fund

Sometimes we call it “money for a rainy day”. And it’s important to have this fund specially for unexpected expenses and financial emergencies. A car repair maybe expensive, but knowing you have that safety net of money will destress you.


3. Get Outside Help

The more you can learn about effective budgeting the better — take classes on money management and investing and that will help you plan out your budget so you can financially succeed. An Omnia consultant can help you with long term investing strategy that will help you plan for retirement.

4. Determine What You Can Change

If you are having Financial Stress it could be because you have either an income or a spending issue — or a combination of the two. Break down your situation and try and find the trigger point to your stress. Once you have a plan that will help you change your situation your stress should decrease. Change is not always easy yet with small steps we can work up to bigger changes.

5 Find Positive Aspects of Your Life Each Day

It may not be a direct solution, but having a positive attitude and seeking the positive aspects in life can make a big difference. Do your best to find healthy outlets which don’t involve spending too much money. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will also encourage the positive state of mind.

PS We’re here to help so if you want some advice be sure to message us.  


Written by:

Elizabeth Ames,
Marketing Manager