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At Omnia Group we’re always searching for developments that will enhance the capital growth of our clients investments – especially if they can be environmentally friendly at the same time.  As many of our members are now investing on the Sunshine Coast, we were excited to discover one such development, which, in fact, happens to be right next door to our new Sunny Coast office in Buderim.  This is exciting news for potential capital growth in the area, as well as for eco-friendly tourism.

Our CEO Gordon Smith recently sat down with Kim Carroll and Heidi Meyer, the brainchilds behind the visionary Badderam Eco Luxe Resort and Spa.  The interview took place on-site, incorporating the dazzling vistaS from Mooloolaba to Caloundra Beach.  Kim and Heidi are in the process of gaining the opportunity to share this land with guests and residents, and have proposed the development to be approved by council.

“Badderam is a forward thinking, green initiative and supports the growth of the Sunshine Coast’s expansion” says Creative Director Heidi.  “The resort will contribute operational economic benefits, year after year”.

The benefits Heidi is referring to have the public’s interests at heart and include not only economic benefits, but also community benefits and infrastructure improvements – just to name a few.  Operational benefits will include providing the Sunshine Coast with employment opportunities in a world-class resort.   The proposed ECO & ROC certified resort envisions a minimum of 55,000 overnight visitors per year that, in turn, will contribute $35M to the local economy – a key driver for capital growth in real estate.

“With the Sunshine Coast University and The Sunshine Coast Tafe on Badderam’s doorstep I look forward to creating alliances that will benefit Tafe and university graduates” remarks Kim. “Badderam will creating internships and quality employment opportunities for our region”.  

Badderum has a green initiative and protects all remnant vegetation and locates buildings in existing cleared areas.  Badderum also takes minimising their carbon footprint very seriously, with one of its main focal points being ecological construction techniques. The development has plans for gardens to be on the roofs of the 125 room proposed resort.  Not only does this camouflage the development into the surroundings, it also increases the vegetation in the escarpment by 26%!  Badderam’s intent is to celebrate cultural heritage and the natural environment of Buderim, protecting it for generations whilst providing elegant accommodation in a tranquil setting.

Steve Dickson* MP for Sunshine Coast said “We have a fantastic opportunity right here in the heart of Buderim that will deliver Economic Prosperity for the future.  It will preserve the escarpment and will be here 10, 50, 100 years into the future and it will become famous all over the world.

It’s the perfect time for the Sunshine Coast to get behind a special project that will enhance our community. It will value add to what I think is already the most beautiful place to live, because if we don’t we are going to lose the best opportunities that we have had to deliver something special, unique and it’s something that Buderim just doesn’t have at the moment”.

A tourism facility on Buderim will create a unique amenity for the region, and with the local airport well underway with it’s expansion to accommodate international flights, it could not have come at a better time.  Designed for overnight stays, the facility has plans to include boardrooms and on-site staff training facilities.

As a world class luxury retreat, it intends to be open to visitors and locals alike.  With 125 technically advanced suites, it will incorporate tiered organic vegetable gardens, food foraging forests and fresh bush honey from beehives located in the grounds.  24-hour room service will be offered for the first time on the Sunshine Coast, along with an indigenous style a la carte dining restaurant showcasing botanical ingredients.  A stunning wellness and day spa, complete with a revitalising Indigenous product range, will offer relaxation and rejuvenation treatments.  The resort will have a fleet of electric vehicles available for complimentary guest use.  

If you would like further information on our investment opportunities nearby Badderam, contact us at

Badderam invites you to to send a personal or an automated support letter for this green and sustainable development by going to the “Badderam” website and clicking on the Green Heart. If you’re an investor in this region, every vote received before Dec 7 counts!


*Steve Dickson MP for Buderim supports Badderam.

See Badderam website here. And follow them on Facebook here.

Influence your Councillors to VOTE YES in favour of Queensland’s first zero waste eco resort