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Projects in Maroochydore

What once was rolling greens and sweeping fairways has been transformed into bare earth as diggers carve out the floor plan for the future heart of the Sunshine Coast set to grow before our eyes in less than two years. A flyover video posted on the Maroochydore City website shows just how extensive the preliminary

How to overcome lack of motivation and stick to your goals

Change is hard, you have probably noticed that haven’t you? We all want to become better people - better workers, better friends and better in relationships. But even when we get really inspired to become a better person, we only manage to change your behaviour for a short amount of time before the old behaviours

Helo – the latest in fitness tracking

Stumped on a Christmas present for those fitness fanatics out there? HELO: the newest wearable device that was designed and engineered to improve your life!! Welcome to a piece of technology that has the power to change your life; quite literally. HELO allows you to monitor your vital signs 24/7 - fully equipped with the

Badderam – A Visionary Eco Luxe Resort and Spa

At Omnia Group we’re always searching for developments that will enhance the capital growth of our clients investments - especially if they can be environmentally friendly at the same time.  As many of our members are now investing on the Sunshine Coast, we were excited to discover one such development, which, in fact, happens to be