Eight out of ten self-motivated Australian investors will more than likely buy within a driving distance of their home when contemplating property for the first time .  Why? Because they want to keep an eye on their investment.

This is a dangerous decision as more than likely, the investor does not live in a proven and historical capital growth area.

Our point of difference is that we will be completely unbiased when selecting a property.

Properties need to meet strict criteria which allows us to measure the likely performance of the property investment  based on historical evidence.

A detailed property investment analysis is provided to demonstrate the key financial benefits of a particular investment property.


  • Capital Growth Rate
  • Population Growth
  • Residential Vacancy Rate
  • Median Property Price
  • Rental Yield
  • Established and Planned Infrastructure
  • Tax Effectiveness
  • Widely appealing neutral internal and external design
  • Demographic area has 50% or more owner-occupiers
  • Value – Independent valuation

“Investors should never have any lifestyle or physical connection to their investments.”  – Warren Buffett

Finding Your Ideal Property

Our team of professionals utilise the latest in technology to search investment properties across Australia, then narrow down to a few key target areas based on individual client criteria and the current economic climate. Finally you are presented with a range of approved properties for your final selection. A complete property investment analysis, including photographs, floor plans and maps are provided with each recommended property. We also work closely with a few key known real estate brands to assist in the ongoing property management of your investment property.