Omnia Group FAQs


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For property selection Omnia Group use a selection criteria referred to as the Omnia 10 point property criteria.   Very few investors put much effort into which property they should buy? Our criteria measures the effectiveness of a property in a number of key areas. If the property doesn’t get a high-pass or distinction mark, then it doesn’t get recommended to clients.

Omnia Groups goal is to assist clients to avoid making the many mistakes that investors make when buying property.  Omnia Group researches long-term historical data in conjunction with some peer reviewed positive property projections. At no stage can anyone predict with 100% certainty that the property market is always going to grow. Therefore Omnia Group does not offer an unlimited guarantee however it does offer a customer service guarantee where at any stage if you don’t feel 100% satisfied with our efforts then we will refund your coaching membership. (*conditions apply, see customer service guarantee.)

Omnia Group has consultants in Victoria and Queensland. In Victoria the greater Melbourne area including Geelong and as far as 90 minute drive in either direction. In Queensland Omnia Group has consultants based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast or up to a 90 minute travel in either direction. We can also provide state-of-the-art videoconference meetings anywhere in Australia.

Due to a growing demand in property investment services, Omnia Group is part of an expansion of its sister group NRG Concepts PTY LTD. which has been in operation for 13 years.  With the addition of a group of industry experts we can give our clients the best possible advice in growing their portfolio’s and securing their future.

Omnia Groups goal is to provide an unbiased and professional opinion when it comes to property recommendations. We are not part of a marketing company for a project developer or building company, nor are we financially linked with accountants and or financial planners. We look to provide a holistic overview of what’s possible and put you in touch with the very best hand selected service providers with specialised qualifications to deliver the strategy specifics.

Omnia Group consultants and staff have qualifications in a number of different areas. Many of these are role specific but include; Financial Planning (RG146 Compliance) (Diploma in Financial Planning) Finance Brokering (Cert IV in Credit Management) Real Estate Agent Certificate (Cert IV in Property Services) Sales and Full Agent Licenses.  Justice of the Peace (Qual) (Cert in Community Justice Services)

Omnia Group derives its income from two primary sources. Omnia Group offers a membership service for which its clients pay a one off ‘Coaching Program’ fee which lasts 10 years. Throughout the coaching journey, Omnia Group may receive commissions for additional services provided including referrals and sales commissions. These commissions are fully disclosed on all occasions.

Our company has received over 100 written testimonials and we have recorded a number of video testimonials with clients.  Due to privacy reasons we cannot disclose Omnia Group/NRG clients information without their express permission. We do however have a number of raving fans who on occasions are happy to call some prospective clients who may have reservations or questions about proceeding with an Omnia Group membership.

Omnia Group endeavours at all times to have excellent communication with clients. We have over a dozen consultants in different states and territories and where possible you will have a lead consultant and a lead relationship manager that will liaise with you on a regular basis.

Omnia Group provides a range of services which include property investment coaching, effective use of a budget, mortgage reduction and with the assistance of referral partners, accounting strategies, superannuation information and financial education.