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Finances play such an important role in the Australian lifestyle.  The basics would be knowing your incomings and outgoings,  knowing how much money you make and where you are spending it. This can prevent debt, and help you get in front.  Being on top of your personal finances will also assist in knowing what to do with your superannuation, where to invest and how much you could be contributing based on your age.  

Ever wanted to get a step up in financial education?  Mentor Education is one of the best financial planning schools in the country and we would like to extend to you a limited offer by taking up the Online Wealth Learn program they initiated.

The Wealth Learn Course provides a simple understanding of the financial planning world, telling you what you need to achieve to become financially fit.

“Wealth Learn has been designed to equip you with the basic knowledge, skills and behaviours on making financial decisions and provide you with the understanding on where to go for help should you need it.” Mentor Education

If you would like to become financially fit and are an existing member of Omnia Group or NRG Concepts, please get in touch with us today for your free login and password normally valued at $890. You will receive full support from the Mentor Education Team to assist with the completion of the course.