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Albany is a cool little town on the Great Southern region of Western Australia about 400 km south east of Perth.  Albany is the oldest permanently settled town, predating Perth and Fremantle by about two years.

Albany attracts tourists because of its well preserved heritage and natural beauty. The town played an extremely important role in the ANZAC story, being the last port of call for troops and ships departing Australia in the First World War.

Albany is good for a bit of retail therapy for all the shoppers out there, with a large amount of boutique stores stocking clothes, shoes and jewellery.

Thrill seekers can also find themselves having a ball in Albany, with its topography being perfect for paragliding, 4WDing, horse riding and surfing.  If walking and hiking is more your thing, put Albany on your top list of hikes to achieve.

For more of an adventure, you can view Albany’s top 10 adventures website and add them to your Albany bucket list.

If the ocean and nature is more your thing you can check out Albany’s Natural Bridge and Gap. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the bird’s eye view into the water and  some even have a fear of falling on the

If you are looking to move to Albany and need to know the suburbs of potential places to live, you can find that list here

Doing a  search in Google for property agents in the area can also turn some good results and knowing the real estate agent who is assisting you in your search for a new home is local, will give you the peace of mind that you will have up to date information and a person on the ground who knows the good areas that will find you a suitable new home.

Albany itself has a mediterranean climate, with dry summers and wet winters.  The Bureau of Meteorology provides a great table of what to expect all year round and you can see if this type of climate would be suitable for your needs.

Getting to Albany is easy, there is the local airport with numerous flights from all capital cities all over the country.  The airport is approximately 11kms from the centre of the town.  If you are travelling by car, enter in the city into your GPS and hit go.  It will give the easiest route to get to the city itself from your current location.

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