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Townsville is based in northeast Queensland. It is a coastal town and has many popular attractions.

I interviewed Omnia Group’s Media Director Rick Monk who has been onsite in Townsville for the past six weeks.  He noted favorite locations in Townsville on the #destinationomnia roadtrip are:

The Strand

The Strand is a man-made beach front location designed for entertainment.  There are safe-swim beaches, a waterpark and rockpools.  Stretching over 2kms long, there are bike tracks, walking paths and picnic spots. Dotted along the strip you will find cafe’s, bars and restaurants with desirable waterfront views perfect for any occasion.  Cyclone Sid,  the natural disaster, was responsible for damaging The Stand in 1997/1998 which lead to a total reconstruction of the site making it into the beautiful destination that it is today. The Strand has won many awards in last 10 years, the most notable being the World Leisure Innovation Prize 2006 and numerous Queensland EPA Clean Beach Challenge awards.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island. Is just that! An island. Named because of the evident ‘magnetic’ effect the island seemed to have on Captain Cook’s compass.  A tourist attraction with many hotels and 23 beautiful bays, Maggie Island is a popular destination to relax and enjoy the scenery. A popular place to go for tours, there are quite a few to choose from. Horse Riding, Jet Skiing and Boating or Sailing are the most common over there.

Magnetic Island is approximately 8km away from the mainland of Townsville and is accessible by car ferry or by passenger ferry across Cleveland Bay.

Jezzine Barracks

The Jezzine Barracks is Townsville’s redevelopment project. It is a 15 hectare precinct designed to honour the link between the Military, Aboriginal and Colonial heritage.  32 specially commissioned artworks and over 100 pieces of interpretive signage has been added throughout the development which is open to the public to view, an amphitheatre, Kissing Point Fort and the ethno-botanical trail are also available for public use.  A beautiful walkway connects Rowes Bay and The Strand. Other attractions in the precinct are the Norman and Brigadier North parklands and the Kennedy Regiment Plaza

Other appealing places in the area of Townsville are The Reef HQ Aquarium, which features a sea turtle hospital and the Billabong Sanctuary Wildlife Park.