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Well it’s prime time to be visiting this lovely place! Located in the awesome Capricorn Coast it is a divine place to go to kick back, and relax. Beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see and a gorgeous beer factory make this place a popular laid back touristy spot.

Located around 40km from Rockhampton on the north east end, Yeppoon is a cute little community town.  The seaside town has a backdrop of islands, a perfect sea and clear blue skies (most of the time!).  If you are a tourist in this location there are quite a few boutique shops and gift stores and like any town there are many cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Families are well catered for on this pocket of the Capricorn Coast: there is a zero depth Water Park called Keppel Cracken which will keep the kids occupied for hours.  The coast is dotted with community barbeques and if you get to Appleton Park there is a huge enclosed playground for the younger children to play on.  Just next to this park there is also a skatepark for the older children to be able to have a skate or blade around on.

Gen Y is also well catered for in Yeppoon, the Events Calendar is full!  On Australia Day Yeppoon hosts the Great Australian Beach Party and everyone is invited. Throughout the year the town plays hosts to numerous events from running festivals, art installations, free concerts and movie nights.  

Incredible photograph collection thanks to Rick Monk Photography.

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