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How are you celebrating Harmony Day?

Celebrating cultural diversity on March 21st, Harmony Day shows Australia how our diversity is our strength. Harmony day is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. The birthday of Harmony day is 21st March 1999 and coincides with the United Nations International Day.  

This is a time when people from all cultures come together to participate in community activities and is endorsed by professionals, sporting hero’s and various community groups and government entities.  

It is a great way to break down cultural walls, get to know your neighbour or colleague and find out how they can bring strength and diversity to our country.  


Go and celebrate

The communities decide how they would like to participate by arranging morning teas, organising fetes or fairs and others show their support by wearing the colour orange.   To date, there has been around 55,000 registered Harmony Day events, and in 2011 there was 6,500 events arranged, making it a record year.

Local governments & professionals show their support by celebrating cultural diversity in the workplace through hosting morning teas.  Some schools communicate the message to encourage values and promote some fun ways to learn.  

Sports organisations bring the community together by sharing a common goal and a few sporting team members are Harmony Day ambassadors.

The promoted message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs.

If you would like to show your support this coming March, please find out how to get involved here.