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How can we help you with your Health, Wealth and Happiness goals for 2017?

Having three New Year’s Resolutions enables you to become that one step closer to maintaining your resolutions. Having three prevents the boredom of having just one, and it prevents the confusion of having more than three.

To begin, you will need to establish 3 pillars, one for health, one for wealth and one for happiness. Within each pillar, determine an achievable baseline that you will be happy if you complete on a daily or weekly basis.



Your resolution may be to go to Pilates, Spin Class, Running, the Gym — you name your fitness goal — four times per week — however, this may be hard to achieve.  Your baseline would be to attend two sessions per week. You could aim to go the four times per week, however do not be disappointed if you only make it once one week as this may be your absolute baseline. After a few times, you will begin to notice the difference in yourself and you will aim to maintain this goal throughout the year. When you start to feel good about yourself you will enjoy the progress of achieving and maintaining your fitness.


Perhaps another of your New Year’s Resolutions is to create more wealth for yourself, or budgeting for a savings plan, perhaps it may be  a new home or investment property or aiming to become financially out of debt and saving for a family holiday, however, it can seem like a big task. If you set yourself a weekly goal you will find the results to be a lot easier to maintain. I would begin by looking at things on an annual basis. Where would you like to be by December 2017? Work out what you need to save within this time. For example, if you wish to have $10,000 saved by this time, you would begin by breaking $10,000 down by the 52 weeks. This equals the amount of $200 (approx) per week you would need to save, this could be your baseline. Within 3 years you may have a home loan deposit ready to go, or an investment property. If you go one step further and set up a direct debit into a sub-savings account, this can be easily achieved with just a little planning.


Finally, this brings me to the happiness section. What brings you pure and utter joy? Find what this is and aim to experience it once per day. Your starting point could be once per week. Happiness is the key to human survival — whether that be a conversation with a friend over coffee, spending quality time with your loved ones, or taking your pet for a walk. Whatever it is that makes you happy, please look after your own wellbeing and make sure you achieve happiness as often as possible. 


A popular way to establish what you would like to achieve in 2017, is to start from December with all your goals and dreams and work your way backward. Try it today!