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Let us introduce ourselves

Omnia Group has been established to address the needs of all Australians. With a passion to help others, Omnia’s founder Gordon Smith is determined to bring wealth to all areas of his clients lives through investment education, ease mortgage pressures, personal development and wealth coaching.

Our aim is to impact our clients and ensure their lives are on a positive trajectory bringing them happiness on a personal, financial and emotional level. Wealth should not just be financial.  Wealth in all areas of one’s life would mean happiness and achievement filtering through to relationships, employment, family life, and ultimately the legacy that our clients want to leave behind.

The Man Behind the Vision

Gordon Smith

Gordon is a family man who loves life and has created this business from a desire to positively impact future generations. With a vision to create a 1000 year legacy, that he plans to achieve through ecological property development, transformational health and wealth education and personal development principles that nurture the talents and environmental sustainability of the masses.

With an array of qualifications and a multitude of experience in finance, business and wealth creation, it’s no surprise that Gordon has created such a successful business from such humble beginnings. Add his passion for personal development and success coaching and it’s easy to see how Gordon’s constant drive for success and passion excites and motivates those around him.

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