A large part of the Omnia vision is to offer our clients the tools required to increase their happiness, wellbeing, relationships and overall quality of life. A truly wealthy person is one, not only with money in their pocket, but with happiness in their heart. Omnia have a view to offer a range of lifestyle products and services from Fitness and Nutrition to Success Coaching and Personal Development.

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We are so lucky to have Ebony Mclauchlan on board with us. She has been Gordon’s personal trainer for some time now and he is looking fantastic! In the coming months Ebony will be offering her wealth of knowledge to our Omnia Lifestyle clients through specialised online coaching sessions, customised fitness programs and nutritional fact sheets.


Since Ebony began her fitness career, she has been passionate about living life to the full. Ebony has devoted hours to honing her skills and building up her knowledge in exercise, nutrition and mindset  – all with the goal of helping people live healthier, happier lives. Ebony has trained people from all walks of life, from busy CEO’s, to Mum’s and Athletes.

Ebony understands that everyone’s situation and goals are unique. Although the key to success with good health is the same for everyone. It’s about balance. Ebony appreciates that there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Having competed in physique events, recognised as a national champion in two fitness federations, and appearing on the cover of fitness magazines; Ebony is well-equipped at training her body and mind to get results and from her experience is able to provide the knowledge and inspiration to motivate her clients.



Personal Development and Success Coaching are both topics very close to our hearts at Omnia. We are extremely excited to offer our Omnia Lifestyle clients this valuable service that is normally reserved for only the most wealthy. John Sharkey, our resident Executive Coach, Educator, Speaker and Author is an absolute professional in his field, with over a decade of experience and stellar reputation within the industry. John will be available for both private and group coaching sessions that we’re sure will inspire and change our clients lives in ways they never thought possible.



Our amazing photographer Rick Monk was at Isagenix’s latest event — IsaSpectacular. Check out the photo’s below — be sure to click on ‘view more photos’ to see the full set. And if you’d like a full size copy of your image, feel free to send us a message. We hope you had an amazing night — you all looked incredible! 

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Omnia are always on the lookout for a good cause. Gordon has been known to say “Ask yourself: Why are you doing what your doing? If it’s just for yourself, it’ll never be enough.” he is a big believer in making a difference and leaving a legacy, both of these beliefs filtering through to the decisions he makes on a daily basis.

Omnia support several charities, and will continue to work with and align ourselves beside the following worthy causes:


One of our goals is to constantly raise awareness and raise funds for the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation. Pledge your donation by filling out the form below:

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No one wants to experience life with paralysis.

Yet every day in Australia at least one person has their life changed forever in this devastating way. Day to day tasks and mobility become an extraordinary challenge.

Perry Cross is one such person whose life was unforeseeably and profoundly changed in an instant. His approach to his paralysis has been inspirational. And as Perry’s health journey continues, so does his conviction to lead a united and multi-faceted model for bringing together people with the knowledge, skills and passion required to find a cure for paralysis.

The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation aims to facilitate, collaborate and initiate the connections and research required to find a cure for paralysis.