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Yoga has been used for decades, thought to have manifested from traditional India. Yoga, in a nutshell, is breath control, simple meditation, the adoption of specific bodily postures and is widely practised for health and relaxation. Yoga can improve your mental health, your fitness levels and can be uniquely spiritual to the individual performing.  The ultimate goal of Yoga is spiritual liberation or enlightenment, which is an essential part of Personal Development.

Yoga is noncompetitive and can count as cardio workout giving the added benefit of getting fit.  Yoga, being a form of meditation and as such, can be hard to start, as you will become very aware of your thoughts and feelings. Over time and through the breathing technique taught by yogis, you will learn how to control the negative ones.  The breathing exercises you use in yoga changes you, mostly for the better.

Once you have changed your thoughts, you can change your world and outlook on life.  It will also change your approach to life, family and general well being.

The fitness benefits of yoga can include improved flexibility, which is great for posture, assists with weight loss, can lower blood pressure and help you get a better night’s sleep. It can also build muscle strength by activating your core. You can do yoga for as long as you like however generally speaking 90mins 3 times per week is a great place to start.

The other benefit of yoga is that it can be performed pretty much anywhere.  You could sign up for a class, watch some videos on Youtube or even buy a DVD and have a workout in the comfort of your own home.