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Here at Omnia we are proud of our staff and how they have grown within the company!  For those of you have liked our Facebook page, you will have seen that we have been posting our company favorites for the past few weeks. This ranges from newly appointed staff to our spectacular admin team and everyone in between.  In this month’s newsletter, we are giving a shout out to the WOW Team who are the ears, eyes and voice of the company here at Omnia and we want you to get to know them on a more personal level.


Amy Sievers

Relationship Manager – WOW Team

Managing the customer focus and building a client for life philosophy is what Amy takes great pleasure in doing. With clients all over the country Amy has built a reputation as the voice of the business and desires to get to know all clients in person.

Young and determined Amy, continues to improve the way business outcomes are achieved. In a largely online world, Amy is responsible for implementing techniques to make clients feel comfortable dealing in a hi-tech world with a high-touch personable approach.

Amy loves the outdoors and the Queensland lifestyle and considers herself as sporty enjoying the beach, swimming, golf and that new sport called ‘shopping’.


Kristy Thomas

Client Support – Marketing Assistant – WOW Team

Dealing with affiliate partners, refining in house processes and attending to client’s and management’s requests is all in a day’s work for Kristy, our WOW team superstar.  Kristy is responsible for ensuring all contacts are kept up to date with any current news regarding investments, superannuation and wealth, health and happiness, via our newsletter, blog and social media pages.

Kristy is switched on, intelligent and friendly with an excellent work ethic.  Taking on new challenges with diligence and enthusiasm and  is one of her strongest gifts, and she prides herself on efficiency for the task at hand.

In her spare time you can find her chilled out at the beach, going for a run or having a catch up with friends over brunch. Talk about perfect work / life balance.


Nerissa White

Office Manager – WOW Team

Nerissa manages the administrative team control room, with skills ranging from administration, customer service and client management to key negotiator, people pleaser and just about anything else that pops up in day to day life at Omnia Group.

Growing up Nerissa was a keen netballer, perhaps that’s why she’s such a brilliant team player now!