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There are so many options available to you when it comes to tracking your fitness via a tracking device.  You have ones that are specific to the type of training you do, there are ones branded specific to females.  Then they have the all-rounders.  Wearable fitness trackers have become a multi-billion dollar industry.  They come in many shapes, sizes and can be synced to your smartphone.  Even your smart watch could have the capability of becoming a fitness tracker!

All the trackers you have available at your fingertips count steps, most have a sleep tracker and for the fancier enthusiast, you can also purchase a tracker that monitors your heart rate, blood to oxygen level and body weight. In a world largely influenced by the need to know information, and know it NOW, big brands are thinking outside the box and giving us daily, if not instantly, what only a doctor was able to provide to us at our annual checkups.

However, there are a few problems with the information these devices provide us that we so desperately need to acquire.

First, is the belief in the accuracy of the gadget. If you wear three different wristbands, the total amount of number of steps taken will differ on each device. This is because they measure everything differently. And the sleep patterns? If you talk to any sleep specialist, they will tell you that sleep is measured by brain waves, not by your body movement in bed! But none of this matters. These devices are so unbelievably popular due to the MOTIVATION they give.

What they are doing is keeping your own personal fitness goals on the front of your mind. You look down and you are reminded of how many more steps you need to take to reach that 10,000 step per day count. You check your phone and your daily progress is on the screen. If your friends and colleagues are just as gadget fanatic, you can share results with each other via weekly email statuses, daily reports and all is sent automatically by the device itself.


In other words, the precision of the device actually makes little to no difference.  Its aim is to keep you motivated to maintain a constant need to work out, walk, train, sleep and compare with friends.  If fitness is on the top of your New Years resolution list, think about acquiring one for your own personal growth.

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