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Let’s talk about Tasmania

Tasmania, abbreviated to Tas and known to Australians as ‘Tassie’ is home to around 518,000 people, with 40% residing around the Hobart area.  Known for its land fertility and providing the country with cheese, wine and beer, Tasmania is also a great place for fine cuisine.  

Tasmania has many nature reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites. It was the first place in the world who hosted an environmental party which has contributed to Tasmania being known almost fully as a natural state.


The state was named after a dutch explorer Abel Tasman who first reported sighting of Tasmania by a European was on 24 November 1642 and he originally named the land Anthony van Diemen’s Land.  It was officially renamed Tasmania in 1856 after the first European settlement.


Aboriginals inhabited the land for over 40,000 years before the British settled there and it is also believed they were separated from mainland natives about 10,000 years ago when the sea rose and turned the state into an island.


Tasmania has 7 regions, each of them with their own unique appeal. Starting with the East Coast, this region has a beautiful 200km (approx.) drive along the east shore, with magnificent beaches, historic towns and in part, has access to some national parks.  Along the south east cost is the states capitol — Hobart.  Hobart and the South are probably the biggest parts of Tasmania, it is extremely rich in Art being home to Arts Tasmania, The Tasmanian Museum and Arts Gallery and Contemporary Arts Tasmania.  It also has an abundance of wilderness and wildlife and some of the best waterways in the state.  

Next we have the West Coast which is world-famous for its wilderness, home to remarkable national parks and has dark and deep history on convicts in Strahan.  Up in the Northwest Region, bringing the remote island to a close is the food hub.  The Northwest region has timeless coastal food tours which will take you to gorgeous national parks and nature reserves.

Finally we have the last two regions, however these two are islands off the mainland of Tasmania. The two islands are named Flinders Island and King Island, each of them have their own distinctive features.  Flinders Island is perfect for a romantic weekend escape as it has a surprising amount of natural beauty. King Island is the more rugged of the two, known mainly for its clean air and fresh produce.

Although it is an island state, Tasmania is relatively easy to get to.  Flights can be caught from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  There are also direct flights from various other larger airports.  The other was people visit Tasmania is by sea, crossing the Tasman on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry service.

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