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  • Capital Growth Rate

  • Population Growth

  • Rental Yield

  • Value – independent valuation

  • Tax Effectiveness

  • Residential Vacancy Rate

  • Mediam Property Price

  • Established & Planned Infrustructure

  • Widely appealing neutral interior and exterior design

  • Demographic area has 50% or more owner-occupies


Omnia Group is high tech. We look for properties in areas where they match our criteria β€” the Omnia 10 Point Criteria. Most properties we choose are built from the ground up and as a result, we build strong relationships with builders and developers. If you are interested in investing with second-hand property, we encourage you to utilise our coaching services. We will advise you if it is a good decision and answer any questions you have.


We work closely with well known real estate names to assist with the ongoing property management of your investment property. We work with companies including Ray White, L.J. Hooker, Raine & Horne and Elders. Our combined goal is to attract quality tenants, avoid unnecessary delays in the leasing process and streamline rental financials.


At Omnia Group we are not all about property. Β You could go out and buy a property tomorrow, but it needs to be structured correctly and have the right financing deal. You then must decide whether you do it in your own name or in Super (there are possibilities where people do it in their own name and combine it with Super).

We collaborate with referral partners including Lisa, founder of Ignite Alliance. Her goal is to share her knowledge and experience with as many individuals and businesses as possible. Lisa has over 15 years experience in accounting and tax law, and has bought then sold ten businesses personally. Lisa, semi-retired at a young age, understands the value of life which makes her passionate about relieving financial pressure for her clients. Ignite Alliance partnered with Omnia Group to ensure people are getting the best tax advice and financial advantages where possible. Omnia clients who contact Lisa will receive a free two year tax review.