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Why choose Omnia?

Out of the many companies to choose from, why pick us for being your ‘go to’ for wealth creation?

I’ll tell you why. We want to create a legacy. We not only care about you as our valued clients, but we care about your future generations whilst maximising the potential to look after your children, your children’s children and even their children!

Introducing the Omnia Group Legacy…!

It’s a “1,000 year legacy.” We have trademarked this particular statement because we just don’t want to make a difference to our clients over the next decade, we want to make a difference to future generations. It really starts waking you up in the morning thinking about the big picture, like how do we start getting involved in urban development planning and eco friendly developments? We begin by asking how we can help people not only in financial wealth, but wealth in all areas. That’s actually what Omnia means – All or Everything, and that is where the name came from. This is why we think it is really important to have the discussion to ask how the average Australian takes advantage of what is happening economically, politically, financial, accounting and anything to do with money management.