Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream. It is completely achievable with the help from Omnia

Refer your loved ones and receive $500 + $100 Omnia credit

Did you know we help our clients lives through property investment education, eased mortgage pressures, personal development and wealth coaching?

What if you could help your loved ones create their own legacy?

Because we know it’s not always about you — it’s about paying it forward.

And we want you to be rewarded for helping others.

Our referral rewards program offers fantastic rewards just by helping the people you know achieve financial freedom!

So how can we help your friends and family?

We offer assistance in any of the following:

  • Property investment coaching
  • Effective use of budget
  • Mortgage reduction
  • Accounting strategies
  • Superannuation information
  • Financial education

Simply refer your friends and family by filling in the form, for each contact who is deemed a qualified referral* you will receive $500 gift voucher plus $100 off your own Omnia membership.

So what are you waiting for? Refer today and help others create the legacy they’ve dreamed of.  No limited number of referrals — because helping others shouldn’t be selective or numbered.  




For each referral you give your consultant that joins the OMNIA Wealth Coaching Program, as a member you will receive your choice of a $500 gift voucher from some of Australia’s leading retailers


For each qualified* referral you give your consultant you will receive a $100 discount on your OMNIA Wealth Coaching Program

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Disclaimer: Qualified referrals are subject to OMNIA Group lead generation criteria. *A Qualified Referral is one which, in the opinion of the management of Omnia Group Pty Ltd, leads to the successful sale of an Omnia Wealth Coaching Program.Vouchers will be issued upon receipt of qualified referral or upon referral’s payment of Omnia Wealth Coaching Program fee. Note: Omnia is licensed to sell real estate and is not a licensed provider of credit, financial planning advice, tax advice or investment planning advice nor does not hold itself up to be a specialist in any of these areas. Any comments made in relation to anything outside of real estate are of a general nature only and should not be used as any form of specific advice that might influence any entity’s decision to act in any way. Any such decisions should only be made with advice from a licensed credit provider or appropriately licensed financial adviser or tax accountant.

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