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It’s time to start optimising your life

Here are SEVEN tips and tricks for optimising your day and once it becomes a habit, optimising your life!

Choose to be happy

Happiness cannot be maintained at all times, however you can choose to live a happier life.  What it comes down to is your attitude and how you begin your day.  If you want to be happy, you need to trick your subconscious into thinking that you are super happy to be alive in the morning by jumping out of bed as soon as those eyes open!

Healthy diet

Other things that could make you happy is having a super healthy meal ready for you after you have just bounced right out of bed.  Feeding yourself, is looking after yourself and when you feel looked after you would always seem a lot happier right?  


Step three would be doing some light exercise. A quick jog around the park, or a lengthy walk along the beach.  You could even take your dog who would match your excitement!


Another obvious way to be happy would be to smile.  Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at passers by and smile at your family, friends and work colleagues.  A smile is contagious and you will see smiling faces all day! Seeing other people happy will bring excitement to your life, as well as theirs!

Breathe deeply

Find some simple wonders in your surroundings, breathe deeply and just gaze at the view. A blue sky, a beautiful skyline, a relaxing forest.  Watching how the earth does things can bring you to centre, and make you appreciate what is happening around you.


Does confidence breed happiness? Maybe not, however, if you feel confident it can definitely lift your spirits.  You can correct your body language by sitting up straighter, this move can exert confidence.  When you feel confident you tend to enjoy others company, as well as your own.

Be selfless

Another way to be happy is to be selfless. Do something meaningful.  Call a friend who is going through a tough time just to see how they are doing. Call a grandparent in a nursing home. Write a letter to an old friend, or spend some time with your children. Doing something meaningful can have super beneficial effects on your well being and it could make a huge impact on someone else’s life!