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What is Self love?

Self love is a common term these days, however, do we really understand what the meaning is? In a nutshell, self love means “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness”. So what do you do to maintain your own wellbeing and create happiness?

There are 7 billion people on this planet and out of all those people – you are unique.

You are special and so are your needs.  In order to love yourself, you need to find what the things are that make you feel like you are giving yourself love. For some people, it is getting their hair done and for others it is playing video games.

Here is a step by step guide to loving yourself:

Become Mindful

People who have more self love, tend to know exactly what they want, feel and act upon it accordingly. If you spend some time with yourself, you can ask yourself some questions to gain an understanding of who you are. You could practice this sitting outside with a journal or in front of a bathroom mirror. Either way, just get to know yourself and find your own personal wants and needs, not of those around you.


Set Boundaries

You absolutely do not have to do anything that does not help you grow – this can be emotionally, physically or spiritually.  If someone or a situation is draining you, it is ok to leave that situation and set some boundaries to prevent a future situation. Give yourself permission to set a boundary as you need to be in charge of you and your energy.


Look after yourself, Inside and Out

Go for a walk, take that pilates class – do what you need to, to make your body feel loved. Nourish your body with healthy meals, nourish your brain with good books, nourish your hair, skin and nails with multivitamins. When you are eating a meal, ask yourself: will this give me the nourishment I need to get through this day?


Act on needs, not wants

Find out what your needs are, based on what makes you feel calm, centered and in control.  Once you have found these needs, stick with them and make decisions based on these needs. Once you know what your needs are, you will be able to find the strength to turn away something that is new and exciting which can also lead to feeling unbalanced and out of control, which is not loving yourself at all.

Forgive yourself

This can be harder than it sounds, but the efforts pay well. Humans are naturally hard on themselves.  The downside of taking ownership and responsibility for our actions, is the rate of which we punish ourselves.  Understanding that it is ok to make a mistake or two, really sitting and reflecting on the situation to find where you went wrong and having the courage to forgive yourself is hard, but so worth it.  Giving yourself this kindness is a massive part of self love and you know what? You deserve it.


Protect yourself

Protect yourself and your energy by bringing the right people into your life. Frenemies are not a good thing to have. They bring you down, they will sabotage your life just to get ahead. Say no to this kind of negativity. Bring people in that you know only want the best for you. These are the ones that will clap for you when you succeed and you feel the most happy when you see them.  You will know who they are by the feeling inside. Keep these ones around.


Live with intent – Everyday

Living with intent everyday is actually not as hard as it sounds.  Your intent for life could be to be beautiful and you will therefore only participate in conversations and life experiences that make you feel that way.  Now I am not only talking from the outside, but I am also talking from the inside too. Being beautiful is only one thing. Perhaps you can live with the intent of learning as much as you can.  You will find yourself asking more questions, researching more and doing things that are helping you learn. Your intent for the day does not have to be, “I am going to make a lot of money in my life”, or “I am going to buy a home next year”.  Whilst it is a definite Goal, you need to get your daily intentions right first. So who do you want to be today?


Written by
Kristy Thomas, Omnia Group